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Career Counselling

PsychKindle has carefully selected nationwide team of Counsellors and Psychologists. We only work with highly experienced and capable partners who share our values.

“Make your own career path”

Psychkindle has a passionate team that can help decision makers make the right career choices. We do online assessments to assess psychological and behavioral traits like personality, work styles, interest, abilities and work values. We have most-advanced psychometric tool for online career assessment, career guidance and career counselling. With the help of multi- dimensional career assessment, and revolutionary approach aided by our platform based on artificial intelligence for career counselling and career guidance, our team would help you to discover your perfect career.

What is Career Counselling?

  • It focuses on understanding one’s own self and make you aware with your strength and weakness.
  • Direction to the Career.
  • It guides you on the trending career options.

Why Career Counselling?

  • Helps assess personality traits, interest and aptitude.
  • Helps Pick the Suitable Career based on your personal characteristics.
  • Helps Provide Expert Resources.
  • Helps Gain Confidence and Insight.
  • Helps Change Unwanted Behavior Patterns.
  • Helps Remove Career-Related Frustration.
  • Provides a Role- Model.
  • Helps Bring Stability in Thought.

How will we help you to choose the right career path?

  • Assess your different personality trait.
  • Helps you to explore your potential and scope.
  • Helps you to explore different career options.
  • Discover your inner talent.
  • Enable you to take effective decision.

Career Guidance

Career Guidance in class 8 & 9

For Class 8-9: Our comprehensive assessment of your strength, interest and other personality characteristics would help you

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Career Guidance in 10th,11th and 12th Class

For Grade 10-12 is the phase of excitement and confusion. They are few more stapes ahead

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Career Guidance for Graduation and Post-Graduation

We help graduating students and fresher in different areas such as engineering, medical

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