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PsychKindle has carefully selected nationwide team of Counsellors and Psychologists. We only work with highly experienced and capable partners who share our values.



Dr. Aishvarya Upadhyay is an assistant professor in Behavioral Sciences in Medical University of the Americas. She completed her masters in clinical psychology and Ph.D. in Psychology from department of Pediatrics, IMS, Banaras Hindu University. During her doctoral degree she uncovered new ways for the management and treatment of various behavioral problems in children. She received Junior Research Fellowship from University Grant Commission& Post-doctoral fellowship from Indian Council of Social Sciences Research. Her expertise is evidenced in various research publications in internationals journals.

She is life time member of various national and international psychological association including American Psychological Association. She is fueled by her passion for understanding the human psychology and teaching psychology. She considers herself a ‘forever student,’ eager to both build on her academic foundations in psychology and stay in tune with the latest psychological research through intense reading. Her hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has contributed to her success. Reach out to to connect.


Shraddha Dubey, a qualified Plant Pathologist (Gold Medalist) and P.R. Verma awardee (Indian society of Mycology and Plant Pathology) for best research paper presentation; transcended from Plant research and teaching to Skill training and Personality Development, aligning with her calling.

Her career in the field spanning over 15 years thrives on a firm tripod of passion, experience and satisfaction. She has worked in different capacities in Institute of Agri-Business Management, Bikaner; Centre for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, Ajmer; Vistamind, Kolkata; and Pearsons Educations Pvt Ltd.

She is championing the cause of Academic Degree plus Skill initiative at various fora to increase the performance level of an individual, thereby enabling them to become successful achievers and functional asset in organization and society at large. She has conducted several company seminars, training workshops in management schools and colleges catering to Communication skills, Employability skills (Interviews, Group Discussions), Reading and Writing Skills providing the Edge factor for success. Her approach to need-based Personality Nursing and Skill Development distinguishes her training sessions from others. She takes pride in molding trainees to become achievers. Reach out at to connect.


Dr. S K Upadhyayis retired professor of Child Psychology and has served as child psychologist for more than 32 years in Department of Pediatrics, IMS, BanarasHindu University. She is an experienced child psychologist and has worked with children having behavioral and emotional disorders. Her expertise is in the management of child behavioral abnormality along with parental counselling. She has more than 50 national and international research publications and also written chapters in more than 7 books.

Dr. Usha Verma is EMDR Trained (London, U K) Therapist and Trainer in Training. She is RCI registered practitioner and the founder of Samvedna: Centre for Neuropsychological Rehabilitation & Mental Well Being. She also holds experience of guiding students in Career Guidance & Counseling Cell, BHU. She is also executive member of EMDR association. She has received Amit Bhattacharya Bursary award from EMDR Association UK & Ireland for EMDR training at EMDR Institute, London.