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Personality Development

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What is personality?

Personality is the type of person you are; which is shown by the way you behave, feel and think- whole nature of the character of the person.

How a person behaves, feels and think, how he conducts himself in a given set of circumstances is largely determined by the state of his mind. The mere external appearance of a person or a person’s speech or mannerism is only fringes of one’s personality. They do not reflect the real personality. Personality in the real sense refers to deeper levels of a person.

A personality is shaped up by various factors:

  • Home: Family lays the foundation of a personality in formative years. Childhood memories are linked with the family. A positive home atmosphere and family experience shape up a person’s mind, spirit and attitude. This eventually directs the future growth of an individual. Thus, home plays an important role in laying the foundations of a person.
  • Friends: Friends have great influence during growth years. The peers have a huge part in determining the direction in which the person will grow.
  • Social Norms: Society has an opinion, and this opinion has a strong impact on one’s personality. A positive societal input transforms a person for good, while on the other hand, the negative inputs can also crumble the future growth.
  • Job: An individual is influenced by coworkers in the job arena. People in the professional world, type of work and expectations may stress one out. A work environment that uplifts someone is the dealmakers for anybody’s personality.
  • Economic Conditions: Economic conditions also alter the way the person perceives things. Dire economic conditions mould the personality way differently than a comfortable scenario.

Thus, Personality can be defined as a set of traits formed by the influence of family, friends, society, Job and economic condition which shapes the inner and outer being.

A great overall personality is very important in the life of an individual, whether it is personal life or professional life. Everyone is influenced by an attractive personality. It is a SUCCESS CATALYST. Facing an interview for a job or negotiating a deal for a business with a client or having a conversation within your job circuit, friends or family, there are certain traits and characteristics that you must possess to make your mark. A well-groomed personality gives you an edge over others in today’s world. A person having a good personality can move through difficulties with more ease and confidence. Therefore the importance of personality grooming and development has risen over the years.

Some traits people often associate with a good personality are:

  • High Employability
  • Professionally successful
  • Confidence
  • Highly motivated
  • Good Leader
  • Positive attitude
  • Polite, Courteous and Compassionate
  • Good Communication skills
  • Enthusiasm

How does Personality Development training help?

Personality development training programs are aimed at improving the psychological mindset of individuals or groups towards favourable growth. Some of the advantages of undertaking personality development training are as follows:

  • Ensures Holistic Growth: Personality Development training ensures the holistic growth of a person. It propels the progress of one’s unique self and refines it to the best version of himself or herself. It not only makes the person look good but adds finesse to their nature, which uplifts their social persona. Such training introduces people to ability to look beyond conventional ideas and motivates self-growth
  • Boosts Confidence: Confidence is a winning trait. Personality Development training makes you a confident individual, who is appreciated and respected wherever you go. A confident person knows the right things to say, the right way to conduct and becomes well in command of the situation that he/she faces. Confidence out of your personality gives you a boost and enables you to control all your anxiety and fears.
  • Creates an Optimistic Mindset: Personality development training guides people to be better and more skilful in their personal as well as professional approaches. The trainees are motivated to explore the dimensions of their personality and counselled towards customized paths best suited to achieve their goals. Negative emotions like envy, unhealthy competition, arrogance, complexes, hesitation and shyness wither away with proper guidance. It encourages a positive environment and an optimistic mindset in people.
  • Helps to Develop Positive Attitude: Positive attitude is important for one to progress in life. Positive wholesome thoughts are essential for a strong character. Developing a positive attitude even in a hopeless situation is the part of personality developmental program. A person with a positive attitude always looks at the brighter side and is always on a developmental path. An individual with a negative attitude finds a problem in every situation. Personality Development training helps in finding a solution to every problem by an ingraining a positive attitude.
  • Improves Communication Skills: A lot of emphases is given to improving communication skills during personality development training. Possessing good communication skills is an asset. It strengthens the impact of your message. People are more receptive to what you say if you have impressive communication skill. Verbal and non-verbal communication skills are also part of personality development training programmes. Improving your speech, body language, written and auditory communication brightens your prospects for success In such training modules, people are encouraged to have logical interaction, which is not only defined by their intellect but how engaging their talks are and the rapport there can build with people around them.
  • Guarantees Stellar Impressions: Despite the saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, people do tend to judge people by their appearance, clothing and how it is worn. Dress plays an important role in overall looks and your confidence as well. So it is very important to dress well. This does not mean wearing expensive clothes is required, rather the right dress must be worn. Courtesy, behaviour and mannerisms catch the eyes well before your knowledge radiates. Personality Development training helps you to know how to create an everlasting impression with your appearance, greetings, manners, and etiquettes, and guides you to other aspects of enhancing your presence.
  • Helps in Employment and Professional Growth: Personality Development training would pave the way to employment and professional success. Training facilitates grooming to face interviews, Group discussions, also guide in organizational skills, improving work efficiency, language skills, presentation skills etc. One who is well endowed with personality development tools attains professional efficiency as they become better decision-makers and more goaloriented, backed by a clear vision and better understanding. Personality development improves your chances of success in any undertaking.
  • Builds Strong Personal & Professional Presence: Personality Development training helps you to have the right personality and social skills. With these two, team participation becomes easier because you can interact effortlessly with colleagues. With a good personality, your employees will enjoy working with you and most likely perform better because you’re a good boss, who is full of positive energy.

Also, the credibility of a person is often assessed upon the way he/she works and express themselves. Personality development training impresses upon building a superfluous character that is attuned with his/her responsibilities. This builds up the credibility and reliability of the person and people around them find it easier to trust them with important tasks in a professional and personal arena.

Personality development heavily relies on the art of interaction and communication, interpersonal skill training and positive & problem-solving attitude, which are strong virtues for building robust personal and professional relationships

  • Builds Balance in Life: Personality development can help you be more organized, punctual, focused, well balanced, etc. When you acquire such traits, you can plan every area of your life. You create time for your family, time to exercise and meditate, work, and so on. Every area benefits from an enriched personality.

These are the aspects that raise the claim and importance of personality development training. Such training have the power to change the dimensions of a person’s mind and their persona. You should always aim to be better than you were yesterday. Keep learning new things to adapt with the ever-changing world. In this era of cut-throat competition, there is no dearth of educated individuals, willing to work hard to achieve their goals. You need an Edge Factor or some extraness to be a winner. Personality development training is crucial for gaining this Edge Factor to be successful in your life. Professional training helps you develop an impressive personality and helps you stand apart from the crowd. To be a winner, we need to become the best version of ourselves, with self-motivation and professional guidance. It can build new paths and open up new possibilities to explore which earlier lay dormant due to limited vision.

Aim towards Versatile qualification: Enriched Personality, for success in life.