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Internet Addiction Online Counselling

Internet Addiction

Internet has made our life more convenient. It is an addiction if you are spending many hours in non-work technology-related computer/Internet/video game activities. Problematic computer use is a growing social issue which is being debated worldwide. It is accompanied by changes in mood, preoccupation with the Internet and digital media, the inability to control the amount of time spent interfacing with digital technology, the need for more time or a new game to achieve a desired mood, withdrawal symptoms when not engaged, and a continuation of the behavior despite family conflict, a diminishing social life and adverse work or academic consequences. The red flag is that, it’s equally common in kids.

If you or your knowns are having following symptoms, then be alert:

  • Stay online longer than you intended
  • Hear other people in your life complain about how much time you spend online
  • Say or think, “just a few more minutes” when online
  • Try and fail to cut down on how much time you spend online
  • Hide how long you’ve been online
  • You feel it as uncontrollable
  • Give preference to internet over your responsibilities
  • Feel distant from your surrounding or family
  • Contact us to treat this precursor of other mental health disorders.

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