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Separation and Breakup Issues

Separation and Breakup Issues

Separation has been associated with reduced well-being in young adults. When we lost someone through divorce or, we don’t have a clear roadmap for how to process both the loss itself and the development of a new life and identity separate from the marriage or relationship. Divorce may be a relieving end to a dissatisfying relationship or the disintegration of the relationship. In both the cases divorce itself cause deep psychological distress that keeps you from moving forward and living a happy life. For some, the common feelings of anger, resentment, confusion, fear, shame, and anxiety during and after divorce take up permanent residency in your emotional makeup and wreak havoc on both your mental and physical health. This can be the case even if you were the one who chose to leave the marriage.

We provide programs which address treatment and support for divorce, breakup and separation issues. With treatment, you can return to healthier and happy life again.

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