If Knowledge is power, then Skill is superpower… One such Superpower is Emotional Intelligence.

Many of us are aware of IQ (Intelligence Quotient) which is designed to measure intellectual intelligence, it gives a score from a series of tests. Higher IQs indicate better cognitive abilities, or the ability to learn and understand. People with higher IQs are more likely to do well academically without exerting the same amount of mental effort as those with lower IQ scores.

A logical assumption, therefore, is that people with higher IQs will be more successful at work and through life. This assumption has been proven incorrect – There is more to success than having good grades in the report card. Emotional intelligence leads to adaptability in varied situations and thereby success.

Emotional Intelligence is the measure of an individual’s abilities to recognise and manage their emotions, and the emotions of other people, both individually and in groups.

People with higher emotional intelligence find it easier to form and maintain interpersonal relationships and to ‘fit in’ to group situations. Hence adapt better and excel in their fields.

People with higher emotional intelligence are also better at understanding their psychological state, which can include managing stress effectively and being less likely to suffer from depression.

You need to build your emotional intelligence for emotional stability and also to bring out the best in others and cultivate high-performing teams.

How Psychkindle will help you?

The video lessons will help participants become more emotionally skilled. Major thrust will be given on identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Suggest how Emotional Intelligence can contribute to a winning personality, Balance emotions so that it doesn't harm self or others. Self-motivation. Help you manage and regulate your emotions so that they don’t disrupt your behaviour. Establish a good rapport with others and improve the effectiveness and emerge a winner.

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