Do not miss out on these signs of attraction.

Knowing if someone is or isn’t attracted to you can be a nerve-wracking process, especially if you are new to the dating game. However, consciously or subconsciously, humans give away their intentions through subtle cues like eye contact, body language, etc that convey attraction. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of proven signs of attraction that will help you solve the puzzle. Read along to know more:

1. Got their eyes on you

As humans, we naturally tend to look at anything that looks or feels attractive. So, when someone's gaze lingers on you longer than a fleeting glance, it conveys their interest. It immediately boosts your attractiveness to them. Also, if someone looks at you again after breaking eye contact, it is a sure shot indicator that you have caught their attention, and we have seen numerous examples like these in movies.

2. Touch me Touch me Touch me

Casual touch is another subtle form of conveying interest. When seated at the bar or while walking down the hallway, notice if their body touches you gently. Brushing of hands, "accidental" bumps, brief touches on the arm or the elbow are definite signs of attraction. And if they touch you more than anyone else, they are surely into you.

3. Body Language

Body language is an extremely important part of communication. A person's body language can help in deciphering his or her emotions and comfort level. Reading their body language can help you in knowing if it’s a green signal or red. When women are attracted to someone, they tend to expose the back of the neck, tilt their head, or display arms and wrists, whereas crossed arms or legs, creating barriers by keeping objects in between, say a purse, little eye contact, can show disinterest or uneasiness. Men tend to put up an open yet dominant stance by way of straight posture, squared shoulders, legs placed firmly on the ground. Raising of eyebrows, known as the “eyebrow flash”, combined with a smile, is another sign of their interest in you. An open and available body language in both the sexes conveys attraction. Also, notice if their body is turned towards you when talking, as it shows they are fixated on you.

4. Mirror Mirror

Mirroring, or matching the other person’s movements is an unconscious sign of attraction. Research has shown that people interested in each other tend to mimic each other’s body movements or gestures. People also tend to mirror words, speech patterns and behaviours. So, next time if you see them mirror you, try changing your movements, if they still mirror you, there are high chances they are attracted to you.

5. Proximity

Proximity is regarded as one of the universal signs of attraction. If you make eye contact with someone across the room, and next you see them positioned near you, it shows they are trying to come on your radar. Or, in a crowded room they will try to squeeze next to you. Also, as the conversation between two people grows, the gap between them reduces further. Another sign of attraction is the invasion of personal space or bubble. When someone likes you, they will lean closer to you, their shoulders or thighs will touch you, slap you on the wrist, touch your arms, and so on.

6. We never go out of style

The other day when you complimented her on her dress or how fantastic she smelled, if they are attracted to you, they will start wearing it often and make sure you notice it. Similarly, men will wear the shirt more often, or put in extra effort to groom themselves in to catch your attention. Also, when he is near you, he will smoothen his tie or his hair, appear neat and clean, etc. In short, if they are attracted to you, they will put up their best appearance.

7. The Funny Fanny

Laughing is a great way to know if someone is interested in you. When someone likes you, they will crack up even at the lamest of your jokes, or when things aren’t humorous and various studies have proven this. If their laughter is coupled with other signs like prolonged eye contact, high pitched voice, it only proves the point.

8. The Planner

Has he or she been dropping subtle hints to make plans, or frequently asking you out? In that case, they are looking forward to spending some quality time with you and know you more. Do not shy away from this opportunity and see how the sparks fly.

9. Communication

Having free time in a hectic world is a luxury, and if someone spends their spare time texting or chatting up with you, it is loud and clear they like you. A random hi, good morning and good night messages, instant replies, discussions on wide range of topics over lengthy phone calls etc, convey they can’t get enough of you.

10. Pointy Feet

Our feet are always pointed in the direction where our mind is. So, if someone's feet are facing in your direction, it is a good sign. If they are away from you, it may show that they are talking to you but would like to end the conversation and move away from you. You can test whether they are interested in you, or the topic, by changing the topic and notice their feet. If they remain pointed towards you, then probably they are interested in you. Also, check for prolonged eye contact to further affirm your suspicions.

11. Asking Personal Questions (The Poker Nose)

When we like a subject, we tend to ask a lot of questions about it, in a bid to gain knowledge and satisfy our curiosity. The same goes for people. When someone digs you, they will ask you a lot of personal questions like your favourite singer, favourite actor, and so on. By doing so, they are trying to sustain the conversation as well as create a rapport. So, don’t stop feeding their curiosity if you like them too.

12. Single and Ready to Mingle?

Sometimes, people who are attracted may devise clever ways to find out your relationship status. Directly or indirectly they might try to find out your dating scene, ask your friends if you are single or committed, or hint at their availability. Being open about their availability is a sign for you to make the moves.

13. Devil in the Details

They will remember every little detail about you. Be it conversations, funny incidents or important life events, they will always make it a point to commemorate these moments, no matter how irrelevant they might be to you.

14. Social chatter

With the explosion of social media, dropping hints to your crush has become relatively easy as compared to making it known directly. If they see and comment on all your Facebook and Instagram stories, check your Snapchats, slide into your Direct messenger, "heart" react to your photos or tag & share memes with you, they are making it obvious they like you.

15. No Distractions/Eye of the fish

Our phones are the biggest source of distractions these days. Checking for emails & messages, social media updates, and so on can easily divert your attention from the current task at hand. However, when someone really likes you, they will tuck their phones away and give you their undivided attention. Subtly they are telling you they are into you and do not want their phones to act as distractions. However, if they still toy around with their phone, it will only be to share stuff with you.

So next time, if you are unsure if someone digs you, watch out for the above-mentioned signs, and life will be easier for you.

Notice if people suddenly start acting weird around you. You may cause them to raise their pitch, become boisterous or as shy as a mimosa plant. It is because your attractiveness catches them off guard and they want to impress you.

In addition to the above, even jealousy can signal attraction. If you notice how people behave cold or mean towards you for no reason, it is only because they are resentful of your alluring nature.

To conclude, if you do not possess the above qualities, it doesn’t imply that you are unattractive. There is no reason for you to underestimate yourself. Having drop dead looks isn't the only parameter to quantify attraction. Confidence, self-belief, humane qualities, positive attitude, affability, helpfulness together balance the X and Y's of the equation. Accepting your inner attractiveness is essential and it only comes by believing in yourself.