Signs you are more attractive than you think

Observing yourself in the mirror, you may see how attractive you are. But have you ever wondered do others measure your enticing personality on the same scale? It may create doubts in your mind and leave you exasperated. We put so much time into grooming ourselves to create lasting impressions. Being attractive increases your desirability in various spheres of life. However, if you are still unsure about your elfin personality, read long to clear the clouds:

1. Compliments galore

Probably the easiest way to know you are attractive is when you are never short of compliments. Attractive objects always catch attention. So, whenever you receive comments on your looks, your dressing, your sense of humour, and other qualities, know that you are a dazzler.

2. Scarce compliments

Yes, you read it right. The exact opposite. At times it happens, that attractive people rarely get compliments. Has it ever happened to you that you went to an event flaunting your best look, yet compliments didn't pour on you as expected, making you doubt yourself? Turns out, sometimes people assume that you look better than the rest, so what’s the point of reiterating something that you already know. So, relax and bask in your sunshine, you are already attractive.

3. You get noticed

While walking on the street, or in the elevator, or in a mall, have you noticed people checking you out or giving you more than a passing glance? Well this isn't a funny reaction, but an appreciation of our appeal. So, don’t feel weird if you notice someone measuring you from a distance.

4. You get asked out

Are you always getting asked for dates, or to hang out at a bar? Does the opposite sex ask for your number for reasons other than business? This is because they are lured by your charm and want to know you intimately.

5. You converse well

Good looks can only create initial impressions, but to sustain the charm, your conversation skills also need to be on point. The ability to engage in meaningful discussions, banter, wittiness, and creating rapport help in projecting your attractiveness further. It acts as a magnet that will draw people to you. If you excel in all these skills, you are worth spending time with.

6. You are Photogenic

Do your social media pictures get tonnes of likes and “heart” reacts. You may have often heard people comment you have such a photogenic face, why don’t you try your hand at acting or modelling? This is simply because they find you alluring.

7. You never experience dry spells

People who are attractive rarely witness dry spells in their romantic lives. Such people are considered a prized possession. So, if you are always dating or in relationships, consider yourself enticing. Not only are you a catch, but your partners will also be lucky to wrap their arms around you.

8. You are Self-assured

Confidence is one of the greatest assets you should have. A self- assured person knows how he feels about himself, knows his strengths and flaws, and doesn’t seek constant validation. If you are self-assured, the energy radiates around you, people listen to you, it brings out your natural abilities and draws people.

9. You are always Smiling

Smile is the most attractive expression we can show. Smiling women and brooding men are said to appear attractive. But who would you prefer to be with, a warm smiley face or a hostile, brooding avatar? If you are someone who always has a genuine smile, it only radiates your warmth and affable nature. Don’t you get called cute when your smile creates dimples? Science also says that stronger the smile, more the attractiveness. It is your beguiling smile that truly attracts people.

10. People don't believe you are single

Often people get surprised by the fact that you are not in any relationships and end up asking you "How come someone like you is single?". It implies, in their minds they already have developed an attractive image of yours and think of you as a catch.

11. You carry yourself well

Carrying yourself well doesn't only mean you have an impeccable dressing sense or personal style. It also denotes how you present yourself, your body language, qualities like empathy, kindness that make you attractive. This is also one of the reasons why people gravitate towards you.

12. People act shifty around you

Notice if people suddenly start acting weird around you. You may cause them to raise their pitch, become boisterous or as shy as a mimosa plant. It is because your attractiveness catches them off guard and they want to impress you.

In addition to the above, even jealousy can signal attraction. If you notice how people behave cold or mean towards you for no reason, it is only because they are resentful of your alluring nature.

To conclude, if you do not possess the above qualities, it doesn’t imply that you are unattractive. There is no reason for you to underestimate yourself. Having drop dead looks isn't the only parameter to quantify attraction. Confidence, self-belief, humane qualities, positive attitude, affability, helpfulness together balance the X and Y's of the equation. Accepting your inner attractiveness is essential and it only comes by believing in yourself.