10 Psychological facts about love that will enlighten you

“Love has three kinds of Origin, namely: Suffering, friendship, and love. Human love has a corporal and intellectual origin” - Boethius

Love, the all-encompassing emotion that engulfs us all. We spend our lifetimes searching for it, talking about it, craving for it more than anything else. Love is a fascinating feeling that can be deceptively simple yet complex at the same time. Love is Aladdin’s magic carpet that can take us on cloud nine or can plunge us into the deepest recesses. Love is hope and love is despair that makes or breaks us. For centuries, poets, authors, and songwriters have tried to put love into words, psychologists have tried to fathom love, but it is so vast, that no amount of poetic tribute or applied psychology can contain this feeling in a bottle or summarize it in words.

Below are a few psychological facts about love that will amaze you:

1. Love can happen multiple times. You may meet and fall in love with multiple people in your lifetime, till you meet that one person who completes you or makes you certain that he or she is the one. After that, it may be unlikely that you will fall in love again.

2. If you truly love someone, you cannot remain angry with them for long. However, if you can carry that anger for more than 3 days, chances are you are not in love with that person.

3. The Latin name Vena Amoris literally means the vein of love. The vein is situated on the fourth finger of the left hand and traditional belief says that the vein runs directly to the heart. Hence, engagement or wedding rings are worn on this finger.

4. When in love, it is very difficult to notice a person’s flaws as we are blinded by our emotions. This is why it may be difficult to leave that person. It is only when we are completely out of love, do we see the red flags. Hence the term, love is blind.

5. If two past lovers can stay friends, chances are they are still in love, or they never were.

6.Psychological studies claim, a crush can last for a maximum of 4 months. If it exceeds more than 4 months, then you are in love with that person.

7.When you express gratitude towards the people whom you love and care about, it results in an immediate spike in happiness.

8.Being in love is considered equivalent to being addicted to cocaine, as it produces similar euphoria in a person’s mind.

9.On an average, humans spend approximately 7% of their lives socializing with their loved ones, which is the equivalent of around 1769 days.

10.Getting rejected or dumped by the person we love, can make us feel more attracted to them and may lead us to pursue them even harder, often leading to unsavoury actions or irrational behaviour. This is known as frustration attraction.

To sum up, love is one of the existential goals in our lives. Love is not an end in itself or a happily ever after. Love is the gradual process of walking on a rope that balances both the physical and emotional needs of the relationship, learning from experiences and forging a bond together.