What Your Handwriting Reveals about you?

There are numerous tools that can reveal your personality traits. As Stephen Covey puts it, “Our Character is basically a composite of our habits.” The way you walk, how you eat, your handshake, your hygiene, etc. unravel many facets that constitute you. One such important factor that offers a peek into who you are is your Handwriting and the study or the science of Handwriting analysis is known as Graphology. It is said that your handwriting can reveal close to 5000 traits about you and that your handwriting is as unique as your fingerprint. Every individual has his or her style of writing and the chances of two individuals having similar handwriting is slim.

Below are few factors about how your handwriting offers a glimpse into your personality.

1. Elephant or the ant

Are your letters as big as the elephant or are they small like running ants? Big letters indicate the need to be understood and noticed. It shows an outgoing or an extroverted personality and indicates that you are people oriented. You love to think big, love to party, and tend to remain in groups. On the downside, you may lack concentration if tied to monotonous jobs and your mind travels into the multiverse quickly. If you write small, it indicates introversion and modesty. You are a focused, intellectual person with lengthy concentration periods. On the upside, you handle pressure effectively. But on the flip side, it also denotes you lack faith in yourself, insecurity, and low self-esteem.

2. Right, Left, or Straight

If your handwriting slants to the left, then you are someone who most likely bottles up your emotions and feelings, often leading to misinterpretations and misunderstandings. It is also an uncommon handwriting trait. However, one should also note that such people are as emotional as everyone else, it’s just that they tend to keep their emotions, reactions and responses to themselves and only open-up when pushed to the extreme.
If your writing slants to the right, it means you are someone who thinks from the heart, who reaches out, and loves to connect with people at an emotional level. You like to work in places or jobs that involve a lot of interactions and mechanical jobs will bore you easily. You take initiative, are enterprising, and have a general interest in the world around you.
If your handwriting is upright or vertical, it indicates your judgement is ruled by the head and not by your emotions. You are someone who has a balance between what you think and what you feel and have a calm demeanor and collected disposition.

3. Do your words float in space or are they crammed together?

If your handwriting has huge spaces between words, then you may likely be having trust issues with people around you. Such people mostly tend to keep quiet and try to avoid getting into unnecessary arguments and discussions.
If your spacing between words is normal, then you are someone who enjoys a harmonious relationship with your surroundings. You are quite approachable and can build a rapport with people around you. At the same time, you also enjoy your freedom and independence. If your words are crammed together, then it may suggest that you crave the company of others. Being in constant contact with others becomes necessary for you and this need might stem from your insecurities.

4. Heavyweight champion or soft like a feather

Did you know that handwriting pressure is one of the most important factors in graphology, without which the analysis is incomplete? If you exert heavy pressure while writing, it is an indicator of an emotionally intense person. Chances are you might even harbor resentment for longer periods. You may be forgiving, but you will never forget.
If you have a medium pressure, then you are happy go lucky, not resentful and will not hold on to memories, good or bad. You may get angry at someone, but you will cool off quickly. You represent a balanced and calm temperament.
If your write very lightly, it shows you can get past events easily, no matter how tragic or ecstatic. On the flipside, it may also mean that you are someone who gets tired easily.

5. Dot your I’s and cross your T’s

It is said that the letter “T” denotes willpower, intelligence and leadership qualities. The “T” along with the letter’s “R”, “S” and “V” signify or reveal the ability to accomplish tasks, firmness, and idealistic approach. If your cross the bar high, you have lofty goals and high self-esteem. You are ambitious and want to achieve many things in life. If you cross the bar slower towards the stem, you are likely to have lower ambitions and self esteem and it is time for you to step up your game and raise the bar.
If your lowercase “I” ends in a wide loop, then you might be a relaxed individual who goes with the flow, and if it ends in a narrow loop, then you might be restricting yourself.

6. Look for your Y’s and care for your C’s

Letters like Y, J & G end in lower loops and give insights into your personality. If your lowercase “Y” ends in a broad loop, you are likely to have a large friends circle, while a smaller loop suggests you are choosy about allowing people to get closer to you. A bigger loop can also indicate creativity and imagination. A partial C can reveal low confidence in public and consciousness regarding your appearance where a full curved C symbolizes the opposite.

7. Your Signature

According to graphologists, a signature is a public expression of yourself. It is out there for everyone to see. A clear and legible signature indicates that you have nothing to hide and you are comfortable in your ways. An illegible signature indicates the opposite and is a mark of a private and difficult person. A person with left slanted handwriting and the signature, is a person who hardly expresses at home or in the outside world. However, if the writing is left slanted and the signature leans to the right, it means that you are bottled up at home, but you put up an extroverted façade outside. An underline under your signature may indicate you may think low of others.

8. Pointed like a needle or rounded like a circle

Pointed handwriting may suggest intensity, aggression, and curiosity as your inherent or developed abilities whereas rounded could mean creative flair and artistic tendencies. A joined handwriting indicates pragmatism and logical thinking.

9. Rabbit or the tortoise/Sprinter or a Marathoner

If your letter runs like a rabbit, then it is most likely that you are impatient and do not like wasting your time. Also, it shows the constant presence of thoughts in your mind leading to restlessness that flows into your writing. If you are the tortoise, then you take your own time sweet time to get things with a careful and methodical approach. It also often indicates self- reliance.

10. Liar Liar pants on fire

It is said that if your handwriting changes over the course of writing, there is a good chance that you are a liar, or sometimes it might just be that you are short pressed for time and writing in a hurry.

11. Connected or Disconnected/Coupled or uncoupled

If your writing is connected, it shows you make use of facts and experience to make decisions or arrive at conclusions and your logical ability overrides your emotions. On the contrary, you are imaginative, intuitive and impulsive if your writing is disconnected.

12. Your O’s and your E’s

Closed O’s indicate a tendency to keep to yourself and introversion, whereas open O’s signify extroversion. Narrow E’s indicate skepticism and lesser influence of emotions where as large E’s may signify open-minded nature and willingness towards new experiences.

13. To the sky or the sea

If your handwriting deviates from the baseline and moves upwards, it shows an optimistic approach and a plunging towards the baseline portrays the exact opposite. Depending on the direction, it reveals mood, will power, maturity, and overall optimistic or pessimistic attitude.


To conclude, although graphology is often referred to as pseudoscience, its importance in decoding personality cannot be undermined. Handwriting analysis can unravel multiple facets of your personality. Together with the strokes, slants, indentations, pressure and other attributes, it can help in painting a picture of your strength and weaknesses, factors that shape your behavior, your intellectual and psychological makeup, and show the real you. Moreover, the study also extends to areas like recruitment, criminology, relationship compatibility, business relations, etc. Your handwriting analysis can help in your overall mapping as an individual and can act as a great tool for self-awareness, growth, and personality development.