Signs you are not ready for a relationship

Getting into a relationship can be overwhelming at times. It can be like a mathematics equation, before attempting to solve it, your understanding of the basics must be thorough. But before you think of entering one, you need to be sure if you are making the right decision.

Below are a few signs that will help you ascertain if you are ready for a relationship.

You have a busy schedule

The morning office hustle, afternoon client meetings, training sessions, or dance classes in the evening might be consuming your time, leaving you drained. Your other pursuits may leave you with little or no time to focus on your dating life. Even if you do enter a relationship, balancing everything might become a tightrope journey for you. So, carefully weigh all your options before you commit.

You are not over your past yet

Broken relationships are hurtful and can leave you scarred. Some of us recover quickly, but some just can't get over it is causing you to lose out on a potential relationship that might bring you joy. If you are trying to get over a failed relationship, you may need time for introspection, and utilize this time to learn from the mistakes and move on.

You are not sure about the person

You may have hung out a couple of times, maybe shared a kiss or two, but when you lie in the bed at night, do you envision a future with this person? If your judgement is clouded, or if your instincts tell you otherwise, then you should pay heed to it. The best thing you can do is to take it slow, look for hints and signs, and wait till you feel if the right person has arrived.

Out are afraid to commit

How does it feel when you are called somebody's partner? Even though you may like the person, but being called their lover or partner puts you in denial mode? Maybe deep down you are having commitment issues, which are holding you back. If you are not ready to accept your status change and devote yourself, you are not ready for a relationship.

You lost someone

The loss of a near & dear one can have a devastating effect on your physical and mental state. If you are reeling in the loss, it might shut you off emotionally making it difficult to obligate time to a relationship. At best, try to get over the loss and seek happiness again.

You love your freedom

Being in a relationship requires you to devote time and resources. You need to be available physically, mentally, and emotionally to steer the ship. It might involve sacrificing a bit of me-time or limit your other pursuits. But if the same makes you feel dreary or being tied down & restricted, then you shouldn't venture into a commitment.

You are under pressure to commit

You may be in a happy relationship, even ready for commitment, but you still need time to be dead sure about it. However, at times there might be external forces, like family members, friends, or societal pressure which might compel you to commit, against your wishes. Taking any decision under duress can have disastrous consequences and can be unfair to both of you. It becomes important to stand up for yourself and save yourself the trouble.

You do not want any emotional baggage

A relation can be many things at the same time. Exhilaration, sugar rush, desperation, emotional joyrides come as a part of the package. If you are ruled by the head more than the heart, then the emotional rollercoaster might feel like baggage to you. If your shoulders cannot carry this burden, then before committing, make sure both of you are aligned on the same plane.

You are not satisfied with yourself

To love someone else, you must love yourself first. If you are riddled with insecurities or basically an unhappy person, love alone cannot be your saviour. Your unhappiness can extend to other aspects like communication issues, lack of self-esteem, constant validation, etc. It is best to weed out your fundamental issues first than to make both of you miserable.

You have trust issues

Past experiences may have led you to develop trust issues, and now you are afraid to commit. It may impair your ability to make sound decisions. The fear of finding yourself in the same situation might still lurk in your mind. So, until and unless you are sure you can start trusting again, it is advisable to stay away from any relationships.

You are lonely

Seeing couples around you can make you realize your loneliness, prompting you to go out on dates and explore. You may even find someone, but it will only act as a quick fix. Besides, it is possible that you may depend on this person for your happiness and fulfilment. If the relationship ends, it might plunge you again into an abyss, and the whole cycle repeats again. So rather than settling for just anyone, it's best to be honest to yourself.